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General event and gaming Q&A:

First and foremost, we like to make sure people know that this is a gaming event and charity fundraiser. All gaming is for entertainment purposes only and no monetary rewards are generated from the gaming at this event, as it is against state regulations. Below is a list of general questions that we have received and answered over the years. Please feel free to email casino@mechanicsvillerotary.org with any other questions.

1.  What is acceptable dress code?
The dress code for this event is black tie optional. Many folks will be wearing tuxedos, but standard business attire coat and tie with slacks for men and pants suits for ladies is encouraged at a minimum. Casual wear including dress jeans are highly discouraged.
2.  What sort of items are up for the live and silent auctions?   Sports items, vacations, gift certificates?
There is a true plethora of items in the silent and live auctions. All of the items mentioned and more including electronics and surprise gifts as well. This is based on what our sponsors and donors supply.
3.  Is there a smoking policy?
The ACCA Temple is a non-smoking building but smoking is allowed just outside of the front doors.
4.  Does open bar mean more than wine and beer will be available and included in the ticket price?
Yes, there will be a general admission and VIP room bar at the event. Each will have wine, beer & standard spirits/mixers available.
5.  Will there be room to sit down and gamble or are tables always full?
This depends on the amount of people participating in the gaming. We have had years that had more gaming participants than others. We always try to make sure that there is ample gaming to match the crowd, but there is no guarantee. However, there are other gaming options such as the always lively horse races that go on throughout the night and are not limited by seats available.
6.  How much money do you get to play with and what happens if you run out?
General Admission participants start out with $1,000 of pretend money and VIP participants receive $2,000. Throughout the night, raffle tickets can be purchased for the stage prizes and along with these tickets comes additional pretend money to continue to game with. At the end of the night, certificates are given out for those with the highest amount of winnings while gaming.


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