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Rotary clubs around the world encourage its millions of individual members to the "Four-Way Test" in their businesses and actions they may take as community leaders:
Is it the Truth - the first of the tests reminds all Rotarians that the truth will not only set us free, but also makes for good community. Communities based on truth are able to set a course to work together for the betterment of all people.
Is it Fair to all concerned - there is a historical understanding at Rotary that fairness and justness is not just for those who have power. All people deserve to be treated fairly in business and life. Rotarians are expected to model leadership by modeling citizenship, particularly by being fair.
Will it build goodwill and better Friendships - at the heart of Rotary's incredible works is friendship. At the Mechanicsville Rotary Club, tremendous friendships grow across political and economic lines. There is not always agreement on the topic of the day, but it is a test of Rotary that all members believe in that our shared relationships are what create shared visions for a better local and global community. When we work together we find that we are not as fractured as some would have us believe.
Is it Beneficial to all concerned - finally, do our decisions and practices benefit the greater good? Living in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we already believe that our state is one where the common benefit of people is greater than any individual desire. From the foundations of Virginia, and thus the country, we have known that it is only when we work together for the good of all that we can really be at our best. When it benefits everyone, in business, government, or life, it builds a more sustainable community.


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